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About Beard Transplantation

In recent years, beard has gained as much priority as hair transplantation for men, and in terms of aesthetic appearance  prominent  has taken the first place among the preferences.


Beard problems can be congenital as well as; It can also develop due to reasons such as unhealthy diet, stress, hormonal disorders, skin diseases, genetic factors, accident-wound-burn.

Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation can be applied to all areas that are needed regionally (reinforcement to sparse areas) or  by evaluating the beard density in good planning under appropriate conditions, starting from the twenties.

Since beard transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, there is no pain. In beard transplantation, as in hair transplantation , FUE technique is predominantly used.  The procedure is performed by planting hair follicles taken from areas with no shedding feature to the beard area.

Operation Time

6-10 Hours

Treatment Time

3 days

Techniques Used

Choi/DHI and Sapphire Fue

Successful Operation




15 in Hair Transplantation expert staff with years of experience, after Sweden and Norway  now in Turkey.

Hastane Avlusu


What Do We Do Before Hair Transplantation at Esteinnova?

Before proceeding to the hair transplant operation, we determine the number of grafts by examining the transplant areas of our patients. After the analysis performed by our team, we start the hair transplant operation.

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